PVC Foam Doors

This new generation PVC Foam Boards are manufactured using light weight foamed PVC which is also an Eco-Friendly having the following features

Unique Features:-

    • Moister & Water Proof
    • Termite & Pest Proof
    • Fire Retardant
    • Tough and rigid with high Impact structure
    • No Swelling & Shrinking
    • Weather Resistant
    • Light weight and easy to handle
    • Superior UV package for extended outdoor¬† life
    • Good screws and staple retention
    • Optimal density for stiffness and durability
    • Maintenance Free
    • Chemical resistant 
    • Eco friendly


    PVC foam board is distinct from the extra-lightweight foam core board, laminated of foam to suite all types of Internal Room doors, Kitchen doors & Toilet Doors .PVC foam door are designed with High grade raw material and advanced technology to suite client requirements .Profile size of 40 X 40 MM, 75 X 50 MM and shutter thickness of 15mm will be used to design the Door .